The Collapse Of The World Financial System Is Already Here. And Global WAR Is Next.

Today a very good friend asked me when we can expect to see the global financial system collapse?

My answer: it’s happening right now.

The first place to look and see this is the central banks themselves. They have now become so desperate to sustain the collapsing financial system, that zero and even negative interest rates are now the norm.

Further, a full on currency war is underway. The world central banks are broadcasting to the world that they are devaluing their currency to compete in the global markets. Moreover, the European Central Bank has now instituted full on Japan style/Federal Reserve style quantitative easing.

Even more disturbing is the action of the US central bank, the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is the most desperate central bank of them all.

The Federal Reserve since announcing their “official” ending to QE, has resorted to a backdoor quantitative easing program. The Fed. Is now requiring the banks themselves to buy debt! Exposing each and every depositor (you), to this toxic asset which can never be repaid.

The Federal Reserve is also going a step further by continuing to print cash out of thin air at a blinding pace. (See this in real time by clicking HERE and scrolling down to money creation).

War is the plan.

The world central banks realize that the end game is near with regard to their ability to continue to prop up the corpse known as the “debt based economic model.”

Every developed nation on Earth, under the rule of their respective central bank, has a debt based system.

Here in the United States our debt based system began under President Nixon who forced us off of the established “wealth based gold standard system.”

And why were we here in the United States taken off of the gold standard? To fund the Vietnam War and fight communism-THE BIGGEST LIE EVER SOLD.

We were taken off of a gold standard to establish

1. A fiat (debt based) system and 2. Establish the petrodollar.

Establishing a debt based economic model allowed central banks to dominate the world by making their product (cash printed out of thin air) real money. This is known as a fiat monetary system.

The petrodollar, (an agreement between OPEC nations and the United States) created an ever expanding market for the now “in control” central banks product.

The petrodollar agreement requires any nation wishing to purchase oil from an OPEC nation to first convert their currency into US dollars. This conversion is the reason why the US dollar, a product of the Federal Reserve (a private entity and NOT a part of the US government), is the world reserve currency. And what do the OPEC nations get in return? US military protection of their oil.

The now beginning collapse of the debt based economic model is going to bring human suffering on a Biblical scale, and WAR.

Understanding that by the world central banks using “debt creation” as an economic engine, a financial monster has been created.

In order for this debt based monster to continue functioning, it demands debt to be continually borrowed into existence in greater and greater amounts. Hence here in the US we now have a greater than 18 trillion dollar debt-And it can never stop.

The issue of debt is NOT just a financial problem, it is a resource issue.

This resource issue is the main reason why a loss of human life on a Biblical scale is a mathematical certainty.


At this point in time World War III has already started.

The United States and the European Union are already deeply engaged in a full on economic war against Russia, and a full on shooting war is not only not far off-but it is their objective.

A blame game is being set up.

This new global war, being set up on purpose, is going to be blamed for the full on collapse of the world financial system based upon debt. Russia is going to blame the US, and the US is going to blame Russia, but the end result will be the same.

Human suffering on an unimaginable scale.

We Now Stand At The Precipice Of Global War And Financial Ruin

The stage has been set and we now stand on the brink of a major world event.

Russia has now retaliated against both the US sanctions and deliberate manipulation of the price of crude oil, (by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia), in attempts to hurt the Russian economy.

Russia in response has now cut energy to six European countries, and now it’s just a matter of time before a shooting war develops between the U.S. and Russia.

What is really being set up is a “blame game.”

The global economy is in free-fall, and this includes the economy of America which is not immune to this slowdown despite what our policymakers and the mainstream financial channels want you to believe.

Late last night the Swiss central bank de-pegged it’s currency from the Euro because it knows that next week, (as has been speculated), the ECB will begin full on Federal Reserve style/Japan style QE. The Swiss bank also cut it’s benchmark interest rate to negative.

The world central banks have now become so desperate that they are not only continuing to slash interest rates, but are going NEGATIVE.

The politics of all this is frightening.

As we all now stand on the edge of a global financial meltdown, our policymakers are going to push us into a world war. They are going to blame this war for the financial cataclysm which will soon be engulfing the entire world.

Then the real blame game will begin, when this push to war was the plan all along.

I have been screaming from rooftops for years telling of all these events which are now occurring, and they are now unfolding quickly in a cascade of unstoppable events.

It is my hope that you start to pay attention.

The issue is debt.

The global debt issue is the largest financial bubble in the history of the world. But it will become a resource issue for you directly.

As the debt bubble continues to crack and eventually burst, every fiat based currency will become worthless, therefore the global economy as we know it will cease to function.

There will be bank runs, price controls, chaos in the streets in every corner of the globe, a suspension of the Constitution, and Martial Law right here in the US.

The breakdown of the global debt based economic model will be the single most apocalyptic moment in human history…