You Think Your Smart? Then Why Are You Letting Yourself Be Robbed? Legally.

You think your smart I see.

Then why are you just sitting back and letting a private bank rob you?

That private bank if you live here in the United States, is called theFederal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express, andIS NOT a part of the government. However, they control the entire monetary system of the United States and have major influence over the monetary policy of the world.

So how are you directly being robbed?

Through a mechanism known as debt expansion.

Earlier in the day I wrote a very short article where I discussed how the entire world financial system is built upon the premise of debt expansion, and not wealth creation. If you are interested in reading that article, and I urge you to do so because it affects you directly.

The case for you being robbed is simple, and each day this goes on your “money” is worth less. So in the literal sense your personal purchasing power is being legally stolen.

Since you are so smart, tell me. Where does the purchasing power of your cash come from?

It comes from society believing that pieces of paper with numbers printed on them backed by nothing is real money, which according to the United States Constitution, it is NOT.

Article 1 section 10 of the Constitution explicitly forbids the states from issuing “bills of credit” (paper or “fiat” money) or making anything but gold and silver coin legal “tender.”

The paper “money” in your pocket, again according the Constitution of the United States Of America IS NOT money. It is currency.

The paper “currency” in your pocket derives it’s purchasing power, in large part, by it’s scarcity.

According to Zero Hedge, the Federal Reserve prints One Hundred And Eighteen Million Dollars An Hour out of thin air. In truth this number varies however, it should give you an idea of the magnitude of the system.

Here is the issue.

This newly printed out of thin air currency must get it’s purchasing power from somewhere, and this is where you come in.

As the Federal Reserve continues to print currency out of thin air at a blinding pace, and you can see this in real time if you click HERE and scroll down to money creation, each of these new bills must steal a fraction of purchasing power from the other bills already in existence. And as this mechanism occurs, you get inflation. (Inflation is also brought on by other factors as well, but this money being printed out of thin air is a contributory factor).

So in the literal sense, with each passing second you are losing your purchasing power through this mechanism, so yes you are being legally robbed.

How do you feel about that?


The Collapse Of The World Financial System Is Already Here. And Global WAR Is Next.

Today a very good friend asked me when we can expect to see the global financial system collapse?

My answer: it’s happening right now.

The first place to look and see this is the central banks themselves. They have now become so desperate to sustain the collapsing financial system, that zero and even negative interest rates are now the norm.

Further, a full on currency war is underway. The world central banks are broadcasting to the world that they are devaluing their currency to compete in the global markets. Moreover, the European Central Bank has now instituted full on Japan style/Federal Reserve style quantitative easing.

Even more disturbing is the action of the US central bank, the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is the most desperate central bank of them all.

The Federal Reserve since announcing their “official” ending to QE, has resorted to a backdoor quantitative easing program. The Fed. Is now requiring the banks themselves to buy debt! Exposing each and every depositor (you), to this toxic asset which can never be repaid.

The Federal Reserve is also going a step further by continuing to print cash out of thin air at a blinding pace. (See this in real time by clicking HERE and scrolling down to money creation).

War is the plan.

The world central banks realize that the end game is near with regard to their ability to continue to prop up the corpse known as the “debt based economic model.”

Every developed nation on Earth, under the rule of their respective central bank, has a debt based system.

Here in the United States our debt based system began under President Nixon who forced us off of the established “wealth based gold standard system.”

And why were we here in the United States taken off of the gold standard? To fund the Vietnam War and fight communism-THE BIGGEST LIE EVER SOLD.

We were taken off of a gold standard to establish

1. A fiat (debt based) system and 2. Establish the petrodollar.

Establishing a debt based economic model allowed central banks to dominate the world by making their product (cash printed out of thin air) real money. This is known as a fiat monetary system.

The petrodollar, (an agreement between OPEC nations and the United States) created an ever expanding market for the now “in control” central banks product.

The petrodollar agreement requires any nation wishing to purchase oil from an OPEC nation to first convert their currency into US dollars. This conversion is the reason why the US dollar, a product of the Federal Reserve (a private entity and NOT a part of the US government), is the world reserve currency. And what do the OPEC nations get in return? US military protection of their oil.

The now beginning collapse of the debt based economic model is going to bring human suffering on a Biblical scale, and WAR.

Understanding that by the world central banks using “debt creation” as an economic engine, a financial monster has been created.

In order for this debt based monster to continue functioning, it demands debt to be continually borrowed into existence in greater and greater amounts. Hence here in the US we now have a greater than 18 trillion dollar debt-And it can never stop.

The issue of debt is NOT just a financial problem, it is a resource issue.

This resource issue is the main reason why a loss of human life on a Biblical scale is a mathematical certainty.


At this point in time World War III has already started.

The United States and the European Union are already deeply engaged in a full on economic war against Russia, and a full on shooting war is not only not far off-but it is their objective.

A blame game is being set up.

This new global war, being set up on purpose, is going to be blamed for the full on collapse of the world financial system based upon debt. Russia is going to blame the US, and the US is going to blame Russia, but the end result will be the same.

Human suffering on an unimaginable scale.

The Federal Reserve Rhetoric Is Now Laughable

Well today for the first time in 2015 we heard from the Federal Reserve and it’s the same story.

(Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen pictured below).

The Federal Reserve will remain patient to normalize rates.

*Please ponder the above short sentence..

Patient to “normalize?”

Does that imply that rates right now are abnormal?

The Fed. Statement went on to say that the US economy is on a strong path.

That’s interesting…

Because if in fact the US economy was on a strong path why is the money velocity still at a 55 year low?

And why does the labor force participation rate remain at a 4 decade low?

Further. Why is the Federal Reserve requiring banks to buy debt? And why is the Federal Reserve continuing to print cash out of thin air at a blinding pace?

It is clear to me that the Federal Reserve is determined to keep EVERYTHING regarding monetary policy and the truth “abnormal.”

Just like their theme of “normalizing” rates..

US Dollar Continues To Strengthen On Speculation Of Mid-Year Rate Hike

There is no way, let me say that again, NO WAY that the Federal Reserve is going to raise rates mid-2015.

In fact I still do not believe it will happen at all this year.

Have a look at the chart below.

At this time we are in a global currency war, and in order for the US to compete unfortunately the Fed is going to have to act and quell the dollars strength at one point.

The strong dollars toll on multinational companies is already being seen in their revenue reports, and this will not only hurt these companies bottom lines, but it will also kill jobs.

The strong dollar continues to put pressure on commodities, (which are priced in US dollars), and this is going to increase strain on huge swaths of the global economy.

Again, the Federal Reserve will have to act.

For now I expect that the dollar strength will continue, but you can rest assured that there will be NO rate hike anytime soon.

History Is Made As ECB Begins Full On QE: Enter A New Phase Of Currency Wars

In a very desperate move the ECB joined the ranks of the BOJ, the Federal Reserve, and the BOE in full on quantitative easing as they too become a lender of last resort.


Of course this will not work, as you cannot fix any debt problem by adding monumentally more debt onto the issue which is debt itself.

This move by the ECB has now pushed the Euro to a multi-year low, and the global currency wars have now entered a new phase.

Any talks of the Federal Reserve raising rates anytime soon should now be met with laughter. We can now rest assured that the Federal Reserve will not be raising rates, but will soon begin to print more cash out of thin air than ever before to “compete” in this new phase of the war on currencies from within.

Parabolic US Dollar May Be About To Fall

It is certainly no secret that the US dollar has gained significant strength versus other fiat currencies as of late, and commodities certainly have fallen under pressure over it.

But that may be about to change..

Have a look at the chart below. This is ticker (NYSEARCA:UUP), a US dollar bullish ETF. Notice the parabolic move higher over the past few weeks.

Whenever you see any assets price action begin a parabolic move like this, it should be a warning sign that things may be about to change.

We also know that the Federal Reserve is no where near it’s inflation target of 2%, and the strengthening dollar is only making matters worse.

In my professional opinion central bank intervention will be taken soon to stop this dollar climb, and hence attempt to end the deflationary cycle we are currently in. (Keep in mind that the dollar strength is just one piece of the deflationary puzzle, money velocity being at a 55 year low is also another factor).