The Two Most Frightening Charts You Will Ever See

If you are familiar with my work, then you also know that there is a direct and dangerous correlation between the debt and the population boom we are now in. I call this a human bubble.

The correlation with the debt and population is frightening because as we all know even from the mainstream media, the debt is not sustainable.

So if the debt is not sustainable, then how is the current population sustainable? Frankly it isn’t.

Lets look at just two charts/graphs.

This first one is the US national debt.

This next chart is the US population.

Do you see the correlation?

So please tell me. If the debt is not sustainable then how is the population?

The day of reckoning is coming and our policy makers know it.

Why is it that our government can’t balance a budget? Or put limits on spending?

Because they can’t.

Our policy makers from the President on down clearly understand the debt/population correlation.

Or should I say crisis..

The moment we stop borrowing cash from the future to sustain our population a massive resource issue will ensue. That is a great many people will simply not have access to basic necessities, and a great many will die.

This scenario involving the availability of resources is already occurring here in America right now, and it is going to get much worse. This is why at this time 1 in 3 Americans are already receiving public assistance and that my friends IS NOT sustainable.


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